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By : 15-Apr-2017

Planning Travel In India‎, India Travel Tips, Female Travel in India, Things You Should Know Before Going india, Travel Guide India : Only word that best describes India is Incredible. We may obscure you with our intense cultural diversity and eternal traditions and cultures but in the end you are going to love us because love is what we ultimately nurture. You will experience kaleidoscope of culturally diverse images while travelling in India. People living in one part of our country are completely unaware about the traditions and cultures of another part; the diversity here is to that extent. Therefore, in order to not be confused you must do your homework before visiting this amazing country. It is always good to collect some information about India before visiting as this might make your journey not only memorable but smoothen also.

The 11 things are mentioned below which you must keep in mind before Travelling in India:

1. Travel Safe When you visit other country being safe is the most important thing. It is advised to carry only valuable things. In the meantime, you must carry credit card or debit card and avoid cash.

2. The Languages Changes Frequently Because of so much diversity, the languages changes here in every 100 Kilometers. Hence, it is advised to take a guide with you who is well versed in your tongue.

3. The Cuisine Based on the major crops of a particular area, the cuisine changes every 200 Kilometers. You need to be prepared for that or you’ll end up with eating something which might upset your stomach.

4. The Food is Spicy It’s the spices that make our cuisines look and taste better. And, due to our diversity you would find different kind of spices in foods. You should be aware about that because nobody can adapt to these foods easily.

5. Don’t get out of sun cream when going south The Sun will show no mercy on your skin when you are in south India. Just pack enough sun cream for the journey.

6. Don’t get out of cold cream when going up north well, if you plan to visit some places in north like Manali, Shimla, and Kashmir etc. then please pack your winter’s cloth and enough cold cream as you might need these things anytime.

7. Talk to Locals It always good to establish a chat with locals. They will tell you the secret of the place as well as special things.

8. Don’t look for personal space there is no concept like personal space here. People will interrupt you every minute and seconds of your travelling.

9. A lot of Noise you are going to listen a lot of sound. Don’t get feared, nobody is getting murdered. Noise is just part of our lives.

10. Don’t get short of drinking water the continuously changing weather might make your body out of water. Carry ample drinking water during the journey.

11. Every nest consists of good and bad eggs It is a fact that most Indians are helpful and good persons but you cannot trust everyone blindly.

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