Top 5 Yoga Stills for weight loss

By : 21-Mar-2017
yoga for weight loss

Our work itinerary does not allow us to live in a healthy way. Love for junk food and overwhelming stress leaves unhealthy. Tummy and other parts of the body will get affected heavily. The risk of diseases is high in all age groups. Fitness routines and a quality diet can help controlling ill health. You can find various ways of sweating it out and burning calories to reduce fats in body parts by physical activities like running, cycling and others but those who don’t like to sweat it out for weight loss can approach other effective ways. Especially methods of yoga can be the best way to reduce weight and keep the body and soul in a good condition. 

5 Yoga Asanas That Promote Weight Loss

Yoga is one of the ways of great rishis and ascetics to bring about harmony in body and soul. It is a splendid approach to maintaining quality health. Let’s check a few yoga poses that alleviate excessive weight.

1. Yoga Warrior Pose

The warrior pose is most recommended pose for weight loss and it works out on strengthening and tone many parts of the body. It also heals back problems and balance mind and stamina. Stand straight with your legs far apart. Lift your hands above head and stretch them. Try to bend your right knee slightly to stretch your abdominal muscles and close your eyes for one minute. Shift the pose from right to left. It would help tighten your muscles. Do it same for 2 to 3 times. It shows better results on weight loss.  

2. Yoga Warrior Pose 2

This pose is very popular for flattening your belly. This posture also can help strained limbs free and is almost same as above. Keep your legs away from one another and move your right foot to right side and bend your knee slightly while both hands should be stretched position. Stay for 30 seconds and repeat this 2 to 3 times. This yoga pose can eliminate fats and weight loss is observed within a short time.

3. Yoga Chair Pose

It is called as Utkatasana and known as the best thigh exercise to tone back and hips. It also strengthens the lower back and brings tranquility to your mind and soul. In this asana, your body looks like a chair and needs a lot of stamina. In the beginning, you might feel pain in your legs but regular practice can bring relief. It is one of effective yoga asanas and works on weight loss effectively.

Let your feet stay together and lift your hand above your head. Bend your knees slightly. You must stay for at least 30 seconds to one minute. It looks difficult in the beginning but practice can make it easy. Try to do it 10 times in the beginning and increase gradually. It helps to work on fats in your tummy. 

4. Boat Pose

This asana is said to be more useful for abs toning. Sit down on the mat and stretch your legs. Try to pull up your knees and thighs must be tight position and toes should be pointed out. Now keep your feet at a 45-degree angle. Your body will appear in a V shape and raise your arms shoulder level. It can control fats in the tummy and increases stamina.

5. Yoga Bridge Pose

It is known as Paripurna Navasana and one of the power-packed asanas to flat tummy and weight loss. It also tones legs and arm muscles. It helps in stimulate thyroid glands and kidneys. It is suggested even for a proper digestive system. Lie down on your back and raise your check and keep your both hands by your side. Hold this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Practice this for 3 to 4 times. Try to lift your right leg for 20 seconds and changing position from right to left.    

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