7 days healthy breakfast Diet plan to be followed

By : 04-Apr-2017
weight loss with healthy breakfast

Planning food is crucial to offer right proteins to your body and it is indispensable. Of course, it is wrongly taken by people that being healthy is avoiding or compromising taste. But, it is not true. If you plan for 7 days in a week, you have to follow a strict diet plan so that you can make it as a habit to continue. Your food habits change you healthy and make you fit. Let us see how good it would be.


Have a two-egg omelet with mushrooms and spinach, it can offer you high protein to make a healthy start. You might have known that eggs have complete proteins and they contain all eight amino acids. Your diet will keep you happy and strong enough to carry out your things without any hesitation. It is a universal breakfast for all and a perfect diet plan.


Amaranth porridge is said to be perfect breakfast and diet plan for all. The Aztec grains have rich proteins and fiber and you can have along with cinnamon-stewed fruit. It is known that Cinnamon is proved to stabilize the blood-sugar levels and is the perfect answer to sugar cravings. So, on the second day of the week, have this food as it can control high blood sugar levels.


Quinoa flake cereal is healthy breakfast but you must add with apple, cinnamon, and flax seeds for a breakfast. Quinoa contains high protein while flaxseeds are water-soluble fiber that makes you feeling full while subduing your blood pressure and cholesterol level. The entire day, you can be energetic and comfortable too.


To have a healthy breakfast, try scrambled tofu with herbs and tomatoes. It is not only tofu a source of omega – 3 fatty acids - it can be the source for brain, healthy heart and hormonal balance. It is found with phytoestrogens which can fight the symptoms of menopause. It meets all your health needs and keeps you happy.


When it comes last working day in a week, have a low-GI breakfast of feta and scrambled eggs. We know that Low-GI carbohydrates can thrust energy into the body in a snail pace. You might be feeling drowsy, sluggish on Friday but it can make different with its diet plan for sure. Try it once.


You can start with a day with avocado, tomato, and basil on crispy sourdough toast with a tap of balsamic. It is a scrumptious mélange of anti-inflammatory omega-3s and low-GI for releasing constant energy. Since it is a tantalizing, you feel like having even for lunch.


Start a day with seasonable with spelt flour pancakes and yogurt. Sunday is definitely special for all and you would enjoy all the day with fun-filled activities. So, even it can be right and perfect diet for you.  It works against cardiovascular diseases. Spelt is known as lowering cholesterol levels.

If you continue this diet plan, your health condition will be perfect. Most of us ignoring breakfast and some are taking foods that are not related to your body. But, having healthy breakfast is necessary. There is no remedy like consuming healthy breakfast. 

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