Snakes found in a flat in Pune

By : 28-Dec-2016
70  snakes, found, Pune

The Pune Police, to their surprise, found over 70 venomous snakes in a flat in hold of a person who is doing business by selling the venom of the snakes. Of over 70 snakes seized, Police rescued 41 Russell’s Vipers and 31 Cobras from the flat of Ranjit Kharage, a 37 year old who is living in the flat with his wife and kids. After the seizure of the snakes, the police handed over them to the forest officials.

According to the police, the resident of the flat Ranjit Kharage along with his accomplice named Dhananjay Belkute aged 30 years, is allegedly extracting venom from these snakes and selling it in the market for a price.

A police officer in Chakan Police Station told to the reporters that, “We recovered 41 Russell's vipers and 31 cobras from one of the rooms in the flat and investigations have revealed that the duo allegedly extracted venom from these reptiles and used to sell or smuggle it.”

The police official also told that, the police have registered against these two for wildlife endangerment, under the relevant sections of Wildlife Protection Act.

Going into the case details, the police have received a tip on Sunday from some anonymous that the accused Ranjit is holding snakes in his possession in his flat in the outskirts of Chakan. Following the tip, they went to the flat to conduct the raid and evicted the wife and kids who were inside the house, and Ranjit was not present then. They locked the house and the following morning all the snakes were rescued.

The police officer who conducted the raid told the reporters that, “When we went there, Ranjit Kharage was not at home. However, his wife and children were present. We found that the snakes were kept in wooden boxes and gunny bags in the flat and even children knew about it.”

He also added that, “Investigations revealed that the duo used to get snakes from jungles and snake-catchers in the area for venom extraction and smuggling.”

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