Bird Censuses Websites To Be Started For Record Keeping And Conservation Purpose

By : 19-Jan-2017
New Website, Indian Birds

NAGPUR: Three major bird censuses has been announced for the conservation of Birds which would engage the panel in documenting bird species.

The Cornell University and Audubon Society globally organize Great Backyard Bird Count on every February 17.

The exploratory surveys are done for water birds and rare species. The count intends to cover maximum species, no matter how common they are.

The count will also make students involvement from many college campusesas well.

Last year, over 80 bird species were recorded at 11 spots in Vidarbha region.

For monitoring the status of the wetlands water birds, the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS)  in association with the Wetlands International will conduct Asian Water bird Census from January 17-22.

Dr Anil Pimplapure the Ornithologist and the project’s state coordinator had informed about the next phase of the Census which would be held on January 22.

A mega workshop is being organized on January 22 for amateur birdwatchers and passionate bird lovers ahead of the common bird monitoring programme.

The house sparrows and many urban bird species are facing a decline in their population which made it important to collect data in a scientific manner.

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