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By : 23-Dec-2016
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Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan has become the highest advance tax till mid-December. Hrithik has seen a 1500 percent jump in his total earning as compared to last year in the same quarter. According to reports, he paid an advance tax of Rs crore this time (till December 15, 2016), compared to Rs 50 crore last year.

Hrithik has surpassed his co-stars, who were leading the charts till September 2016. Salman paid 16 crores now he paid 14 crores as a tax.

After Hrithik, Aamir Khan has paid 74 crores to Income Tax Department. Dangal star paid 3.7 crores till September of this year. Last year he paid 4.5 crores and Ranbir Kapoor paid 37 crores as advance tax till December 2016. Now, he paid 7.8 crores as advance tax till September 2016.

 Akshay was leading taxpayer with the sum of Rs crore till September 2015 but now the actor stands on the fifth position with Rs crore paid to Income Tax Department as the highest advance tax payers for this fiscal year.

On the sixth position, actress Deepika Padukone paid an advance tax of Rs 3 crore this time, compared to Rs 3.2 crore last year, as reported by India today.in. Kareena Kapoor Khan stands on the seventh position 70 lakh paid to the department.

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