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Hi-tech Home Appliances Help Crack Murder Mysteries

By : 03-Jan-2017
Hi-tech, Home Appliances,Murder Mysteries

Team of detective agents are being inducted to spot digital landscapes-footprints that are capable of tracking, screening and recording crucial insights of the activities conducted by the criminals under the roof.

The domestic utility items like fridges, coffee makers, washing machines and lamps can come as the proof in murder plots.

According to Mark Stokes, the head of digital, cyber and communications forensics, Scotland, the "internet of things" can be inter connected to the smart network of household devices. They can be used judicially in crime-scene exploration.

The utility devices with built-in cameras, microchips and processors can trap the crimes and be useful in criminal investigations.

Stokes said that the in house complicated gadgetries would find a place in many homes.

Stokes described that the dates, times and images logged on the machine could provide crucial data in certain cases.

He illustrated about the future plans to develop digital forensics kit that acts as a gateway for the investigators to analyse the saved data, rather than taking multiple devices to the forensics console.


The new range of Samsung Family Hub fridge comes with superlative features including hidden cameras that capture live feed of its contents on the screen.

The fridge is built-in with shared calendars, music player and a connected app.

The Wireless camera in the home appliances such as the fridge may record the move of the suspects and owners.

The doorbells may be connect directly to apps on a user's phone can trap who has rung the bell.

All these technologies may leave a log and help trace the suspicious activity of the fraudster.


The US operatives have suggested Amazon to hand over recordings from one of its Echo voice-controlled home entertainment systems.

The e-commerce giant Amazon has however declined the requests made by the private eye to collect the data from the device belonging to James Andrew Bates.


Amazon Echo plays a central character in first-degree murder investigation.

During the course of murder investigation in Bentonville, Arkansas, cops had identified that their main suspect named as James Andrew Bates had owned an Amazon Echo who’s virtual assistant can record any information and be helpful in pursuing the  case.

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