Delhi zoo opens its gates after 84 days

By : 12-Jan-2017
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DELHI: The National Zoological Park, popularly known as Delhi Zoo had remained close following the outbreak of the H5N8 virus outbreak three months ago.

For long, the vast varieties of water birds in the botanical enclosure had remained isolated from the guests.

In the mean time, three pelican chicks have been hatched out of the eggs laid by their parents in the timeframe. These tiny chick-lets would now get the chance to chirp and chuckle with the excessively happy visitors in the zoo.

The zoo authorities had to forcefully shutdown the premise on October 18 after the death of eight ducks and a series of pelicans.

Precautionary measures had been taken by the Centre and the Delhi government to lock the zoo temporarily.

There where as many as 15 birds reported to have died in the surroundings along with another 100 that died in the capital city.

On Wednesday, roughly 6,020 visitors had plunged into the zoo all through the day. The zoo’s entry gate had been caked with an unending queue.

The field men and the pesticide team were seen with the disinfectants in their hands.

The staffers, food vendors and auto rickshaw pullers were so happy to eventually see the rehabilitated zoo back in form. 

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