Amazon Canada Begs Pardon For Selling Indian Flag-Themed Doormats

By : 13-Jan-2017
Amazon Canada,Indian Flag-Themed

NEW DELHI: Late night on Wednesday, Amazon Canada had pulled off the Indian flag-themed door-rugs from its Canadian website after Sushma Swaraj the External Affairs Minister tweeted that Amazon must ask for pardon for its negligent marketing disposal and to withdraw all products that insults the national flag. The immoral products were offered by two of the Canadian third party vendors.

The Minister had also served a strong warning to Amazon Canada that in case the officials do not remove the flag themed door rugs from the screen-grab then they would be abstained from Indian visas and those earlier issued would be rescinded.

Under the Indian constitutional law, dishonouring the national flag is punishable offence that attracts penalty and even imprisonment.

Amazon has strategically invested more than $5 billion in India, thus the e-commerce firm is ought to undertake its business transactions ethically and responsibly.

While regretting about the incidence, Amazon India vice president Amit Agarwal wrote to Ms Swaraj that Amazon India tributes to the Indian laws  and makes it a point to respect the Indian sentiments.

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