Faf du Plessis: Amla Is the last South African to play 100 Tests

By : 12-Jan-2017
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South African test match skipper, Faf du Plessis, praised Hashim Amla as probably the last South African to be playing his 100th Test match.

Hashim Amla, the 33 year old batsman, is bound to appear on the cricket ground for his 100th test appearance, in the third and final test match in the test series against Sri Lanka, on Thursday. du Plessis praising Hashim Amla, termed this event as something, ‘really special’.

Talking to the media, du Plessis says with the test matching evolving with every changing day, it is uncommon in the future to see any one playing 100 test matches in their career. So, he said Hashim Amla is probably the last South African to be playing 100 test matches in his test career. He also said this is him making a big call.

According to espncricinfo, du Plessis said in a statement, “I am going to make a big call and say Hash (Amla) is probably going to be the last guy that plays 100 Tests for South Africa because of the way that the game is changing. It's a massive call to make. Test cricket these days...the game has evolved so much.”

He also said that, though the youngsters in the South African cricket team, like Quinton de Kock and Kasigo Rabada are also the probable players to perform a 100 test match career, but said that it is a long way to go, and can only be found out in the future. But said, with the way the test match being changed every day with new introductions, it may not be possible to see another South African like Hashim Amla playing their 100 test matches in their career.

Speaking about de Kock and Rabada, he said, “Quinnie (Quinton de Kock) and KG (Kasigo Rabada) are possibly looking at that as youngsters, but it's a long way into the future.”

“Now, there's lots of T20s, so I think the game is changing a little bit, that you won't play for as long because there is so much more cricket,” du Plessis added.

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