7 Android apps for fitness and workouts

By : 26-Apr-2017
Android apps for fitness and workouts

The Android operating system has designed highly advantageous fitness apps for the people of the knowledge world. These workout apps begin tracking of the user's aerobics or exercising activity on the mobile device. The user-friendly fitness apps dedicatedly records physical workouts, jogging, walking, cycling or the morning sprint race.

Seven Beneficial Android Fitness and Workout Apps for the Health conscious People of Today

1. C25K Couch to 5K, an Android Fitness App

C25K Couch to 5K is the best of breed smart android fitness app that will make the lazy bones or the couch kids to crack on to their 5K calorie run. The app is simply integrated with the MyFitnessPal software that allows the visitor to generate a music playlists of their own choice to enjoy a hyperactive workout. It is designed to count the 5K marathon or a 10K marathon training programs.

2. Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal, an Android Fitness App

The Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal is a benchmarking android fitness app that helps in logging your calories.  It is embedded with a comprehensive database that constitutes over four million foods that will accurately detect what food is eaten by you.  This offers a smart web interface between you and the fitness app. 

3. Endomondo, an Android Fitness App

The extremely popular Endomondo is the best in class fitness apps that offers you with the convenience of tracking your fitness and performance record online. Using Endomondo, you can create an intensive training plan that will automatically measure the heartbeats, pulse rate, and blood pressure of the user.

4. FitNotes Gym, an Android Fitness App

This app will invade your life so as to control your morning and evening aerobics rituals. FitNotes will keep a routine log of the core body exercises you had performed on one particular day. FitNotes is a tailor made fitness app that programs the database of each and every visitor who demonstrates their hardcore aerobics wherewithal.

5. Google Fit, an Android Fitness App

You can readily rely on the real-time Google Fit app that helps you analyze your health objectives and conquer over an exercising program of effective nature. 

6. Pocket Yoga, an Android Fitness App

If you are fanatic about the heritage old yoga practices then Pocket Yoga app will bring the best fitness at your disposal. You can follow and figure out over 200 of the yoga positions that are picturized and animated for the understanding of the user. The fitness app is also supported by voice instructions to put forth an error free yoga sessions.

7. RunKeeper, an Android Fitness App

RunKeeper is a virtual fitness app designed for health conscious slot of people. The app is an absolute performance tracker for measuring your regular running regimes. It allows the user to create a running marathon while keeping a fair track of their exercises and fitness plans. It often measures the heart rate with a single click.

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