António Guterres set to be sworn in as New UN Secretary General

By : 13-Dec-2016
Antonio Guterres,UN Secretary General

The former Portuguese Prime Minister, Antonio Guterres, has been appointed unanimously by the members of the General Assembly as the new UN Secretary General. In this position, Antonio Guterres succeeds Ban Ki-moon as the head of the 71-year-old world organization.

At the special plenary meeting of the 193 members of the General Assembly, the President of the UN General Assembly, Peter Thompson has administered the Oath of Office to Antonio Guterres.

The 15 nation Security Council had in the month of October sent the name of Antonio Guterres to the General Assembly for the final approval of appointing as the UN Secretary General. There, in the General Assembly, the 193 members had unanimously appointed Guterres as the UN Secretary-General, succeeding Bank Ki-moon, and will initiate his operations starting from January 1, 2017.

Ban Ki-moon, who received special tributes from the speakers of the Assembly, will end his tenure as the world’s top diplomat on December 31, 2016.

In spite of several attempts by civil society and many other UN member states to appoint a woman candidate as the Secretary-General, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has retained his position as the front-runner in the elections of UN Secretary General.

Addressing the members, after his election, Guterres promised to enforce his duties as a ‘convener’ and a ‘bridge builder’ in creating solutions for the world’s pressing challenges.

He also emphasized on human dignity, gender equality and fighting the alliance of violent extremists and expressions of xenophobia as his first priorities in his duties of world’s top diplomat.

While addressing for the first time to the General Assembly as the 9th Secretary General of the UN, he said, "I am fully aware of the challenges the UN faces and the limitations surrounding the Secretary-General."

He also said, “the dramatic problems of today's complex world can only inspire a humble approach - one in which the Secretary-General alone neither has all the answers, nor seeks to impose his views; one in which the Secretary-General makes his good offices available, working as a convener, a mediator, a bridge-builder and an honest broker to help find solutions that benefit everyone involved."   

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