Top 4 apple iPhone 7 Gadgets for Better use

By : 24-Apr-2017
 iPhone 7 gadgets

The phenomenal iPhone 7 version forms the smartest of the gadgets. The iPhone 7 is embedded with one of the best camera features. There are many varieties of accessories or gadgets that support iPhone 7 to offer the users with a world of benefit.

Here are a few of the best iPhone 7 gadgets

1. Audeze Sine

Audeze Sine is one of the best audiophile quality headphone that uses planar magnetic technology to ripple up the sound. It is summated with the good quality bass to offer high sound resonance that eliminates low density of distortion. These headphones are in-built with DAC and amplifier making it comfortable for the user. SINE headphones are supported with a SIRI operating system.  This product is synced with the Audeze iOS app that can play up with the EQ on the headphones. One can also adjust the bass levels to highs or lows to obtain perfect sound of desirable frequency. Audeze Sine headphones are made of the thin aluminum frame that makes it foldable.

2. Philips Fidelio

The Philips Fidelio headphone uses a lightning cable to get connected with the iPhone. Fidelio offers an amazing range of frequency response from 7 Hz to 20 kHz. Fidelio has a sturdy aluminium built body with stitched leather. It has a good sound quality system. The premium pair of headphone come with a stylish faux suede carry bag for storage and protection while moving around. The commercial pack-let is incorporated with a DAC and an amplifier.

3. MoKo Sports Running Armbands

The light weight MoKo sports running armbands are perfect for fitness freaks and music maniacs. These armbands offers secured fit while jogging. The water and sweat control armband serves as the best companion to its rugged users. It has an adjustable velcro band, that can fit in seamlessly on the arm of the user.  It has been equipped with a reflective strip keeping the person absolutely safe from any low light conditions amidst the incoming traffic.

4. Spigen Premium Bumper protective Case

This Premium Bumper protective case has a super duper shock absorption patterns on the interior and exterior walls for providing a military level guard attached with air cushions for reduced shocks. The finger proof sleek protective case offers double layer protection for iPhone 7 smart device to make the grip comfortable and safe.  

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