Bollywood ban comes to an end in Pakistan

By : 18-Jan-2017

Pakistan banned Bollywood films in its theaters for giving a strongly reply to Indian filmmakers and distributors as they axed Pakistani actors to cast in movies. After Uri Attacks, Shiva Sena has taken it seriously and demanded filmmakers not to rope in Pakistani actors in their films.

Since theater owners have deeply gone into financial crisis, they have rolled back their policy and started screening films to elude situation from worse to worst. According to reports, after a bilateral meeting held between misters and theaters owners, they have decided to exhibit the films from now on. 

Under its import policy order, Pakistan considered Indian films in the list of banned items. The Commerce Minister has accepted the proposal of information minister’s for importing Indian films.

It has been reported that every month two or three films are allowed to exhibit in Pakistan cinemas.

Earlier Nadeem Mandviwalla, the owner of Atrium Cinema in Karachi opined that 70% of their business comes from Bollywood and Hollywood films. We might survive temporary suspension. But, if it continues, it would be more troublesome to carry forward the turmoil. 

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