Obama Farewell Offers Vision To Democrats With Contrast To Trump

By : 11-Jan-2017
Barack Obama Farewell Offers Trump

CHICAGO: On Tuesday, President Barack Obama had delivered his farewell address to the nation by outlining the clump of threats that may affect the American democracy.

After one of the most acidic elections in U.S. history, Obama eventually said goodbye to the Americans in a deep sense. While speaking to multiple audiences in Chicago, President Obama had regret before his supporters who failed to back Hillary Clinton the most chosen one among the presidential candidates.

Douglas Brinkley, the American author, professor of history, and fellow at James Baker Institute has described President Obama’s Tuesday's speech as "the most highly publicized farewell address in American history.


President Barack Obama points about the poisonous political mishap that splits Americans against each.

Obama marks his concerns about anti-immigrant sentiment and inequality.

The first African-American president acknowledges the complexities of racism in America.

Obama reminds of the struggle put forth by the hardworking undeserved middle class minority.  

Indirectly, he warns about his successor, President-elect Donald Trump while laying his optimistic vision for the preferential crowd fearful of a Trump presidency.

Obama takes account of the overseas threats including the violent fanatics and autocrats in foreign capitals.

Obama advocates his fellow Americans not to take their government for granted but to press the country's leaders for living up to the nation's founding principles.

Post elections, Obama's presidency witnesses the violent protests that literally highlights America’s racial division.

He recollects the past memories to acknowledge the bigotry and slavery that didn't vanish all of a sudden in the '60s."

He recapitulates ‘Jim Crow Law’ that condemns racial segregation in the United States.

Obama asserts that denying the climate change not only betrays future generations but also betrays the essential spirit of America.

In the presence of the big crowd, full of White House staffers, celebrities and long-time supporters, Obama affirmed to bring home the vast majority of troops that are deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama's quotations for expanded Affordable Healthcare Act, legalization of same-sex marriage, liberality for immigrants and forbearance for the minorities  draws colossal applause and cheers.

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