Beautiful tourist Places to visit in Patna, Bihar

By : 15-Apr-2017
Beautiful tourist Places to visit in Patna, Bihar

Patna is the largest urban town and the capital city in the Indian state of Bihar. It lies on the southern shore of river Ganges and also straddles along the Sone, Gandak and Punpun tributaries, respectively. The approximate diameters of this region are 35 km in length and 16 to 18 km in width.

Read on to find out about the beautiful tourist places to visit while in Patna

1.  Gol Ghar, Patna

The famous Gol Ghar or roundhouse is actually a great granary located on the western side of the Gandhi Maidan in Patna. This awe-inspiring beehive shaped structure was built in the year 1786 by a British civil servant John Henry Garstin, very much influenced by the ancient stupa architectures. The dimensions of this large historical monument are about 125 meters in width and the walls are about 3.6 meters thick.  It has a unique 145 spiral patterned stairways erected all around the infrastructure to help the workers of the British era climb up to the top with heavy grain bags.

2.  Patna Museum

The Patna Museum located about a kilometer from central Patna was a 1917 British construction. The monument had adopted the architectural grandeur of both the Mughal and Rajput structures, and it’s popularly known as the Jadu Ghar. It displays several metal and stone sculptures of the traditional Gupta and Mauryan times. Patna Museum also preserves beautiful and famous paintings of the British regime as well as the artworks related to the life of the 1st President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad. This display house is worth a place to visit while in Patna, especially amongst the history lovers. Tourist with a taste of culture, arts and literature will be delighted with the eccentric terracotta figures and the splendid Buddhist, Jain and Chinese artefacts to old scriptures.

3.  Kumhrar Kumhrar, Patna

Kumhrar or the Kumrahar has been a famous historic city of Patliputra.  It depicts the old remains, and structures of the Mauryan dynasty dated back to 600 BC to 600 AD. The Kumhrar region is located about 5 km away from Patna railway station on the Kankarbagh road. An Assembly hall or the parliament that consists of 80 pillars can be seen at this site, was unearthed by the archaeologists in 1912 to 1915. A Buddhist brick monastery Anand Bihar, Arogya Vihar and Durakhi Devi Temple were the other intricate structures of the Magadh era that were discovered. A marvellous place to visit in Patna can rekindle the historian in most travellers who wants to explore the plethora of wisdom related to King Asoka.

4. Agam Kuan, Patna

Agam Kuan is basically an unfathomed ancient well excavated by the Archaeological Survey of India in Patna, towards the southwest direction of the Gulzarbagh railway station. This old structure takes back to the period of Mauryan emperor Asoka, around 304-232 BCE. It is circular in shape and lined up with bricks in the upper portion of 13 meters, while the remaining 19 meters contains wooden rings. The approximate dimensions of Agam Kuan are 105 feet deep with a circumference that extends over 20 feet. The surface of this monument has 8 arched windows built on it. As per the legendary stories, it was believed that ruler Asoka had erected this water well to torture his enemies.

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