Top 5 Best 3.0 port Pen-drives with GBs

By : 21-Apr-2017
Best 3.0 port Pen-drive

The fast speed portable USB pen drive is popularly known by different names. These trendy devices are often called as the USB 3.0 flash drive, thumb drive or a jump drive. This device is made for the storage of the essential data for many of the techno savvy bureaucrats or the households.

Here are the top 3.0 Flash USB Pen Drives That Comes with Different Storage Capacities

1. LaCie XtremKey USB 3.0

The LaCie XtremKey USB 3.0 is the perfect device for storing and backing up all the heavy important files and folders. The 27 grams USB has achieved the designation of the PC Magazine Editor's choice that runs on the speed up to 230 MB per second data. LaCie is the waterproof device that resists heat, cold, shock and drops. It has dimensions measured as 12.7 X 9.9 X 2.5 cm.

2. Leef Bridge 3.0

The Leef Bridge 3.0 is by far the fastest flash drive to transfer files amidst the Android phones, tablets, Mac and Windows PC in the absence of the cable, cloud, Wi-Fi or even data connectivity. It has an added feature of the slide and lock tray. It is available in 32 and 64 GB storage capacities. This super pen drive is as light as 27 grams and measures the dimensions 12.7 X 9.9 X 2.5 cm. The Leef Bridge gives the privilege of enjoying the rapid playback music for the best of entertainments.

3. Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate

This data traveller has the ultimate feature of reading and writing at the speed of 150 MB seconds. It transfers high-resolution photos and HD videos to the accepting devices.  It is available in 32, 64 and 128 GB versions. It is implanted with tight security alphanumeric keypad that actually locks the pen drive with a secret word or number combination.

4. Kingston DataTraveler microDuo

Kingston DataTraveler microDuo is the first choice of the PC Magazine’s editor. The remarkable microDuo comes with a compact size and micro SD connector. These flash drives come with 16, 32 and 64 storage capacities. It offers a reading speed of 70 MB and has the writing speed of 10 to 15 MB per second. Kingston Data will retrieve the lost data and stores it in a new external storage media. 

5. ADATA DashDrive Elite UE700L

ELITE UE700 best known for its highest USB 3.0 performance and good value. This DashDrive has a sleek and slim profile which rounds up just 0.3 inch thick. It is as light as 36 grams in weight. It's read time speed is 220 MB Second and write time speed is 135 MB second respectively. The body of this flash drive is beautifully made up of a nice aluminium exterior. ADATA DashDrive Elite UE700 comes in 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB storage capacities. 

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