The Top 5 Fitness Apps for iPhone

By : 05-May-2017
Best Fitness Apps for iPhone

There are quite a few apps that can just make our lives better than before. The iPhone apps play an integral part as they judge on how we execute out eating, exercising, or even educational schedules on the day to day basis.  All the lifestyle applications are ranked based on their utility, design, and dexterity of the use by the user.

The Super Six Beneficial Fitness App For iPhone

1. MapMyRun Lifestyle Fitness App

MapMyRun is one of the acclaimed iPhone apps among the runners and cyclists enthusiasts for many reason. This application can map or measure the distance travelled by the joggers so as to burn their cold calories on the hyper-hot sunny courts.  The app keeps track of the other workout activities including cycling, treadmilling, yoga sessions etc. MapMyRun app has successfully engaged a large number of health conscious communities for the health awareness,  motivational and fitness coaching programs.

2.Strava Running and Cycling Fitness App

Strava is an exercise tracker and a virtual fitness community specially designed for the rapid runners or hardcore participants of the outdoor sports. If you are seriously looking to cream into a fitness regime for slimming reasons, then you must load your device with this app that will motivate you in carrying out the rigorous workout wherewithal. You can make a fusion with by mixing your exercising schedule with the sensationally sweet music tracks of your choice.

3. Jefit Workout App

In the fast paced world that rocks with the fullest speed, you need to speed ahead to meet the stiff challenges of the times. Here is a mobile app that is created to record the tasks and activities of your indoor gym and outdoor runs. The Jefit workout app is loaded with simplest tools that are usable for carving the shapeless body and measuring the weight-lifting trials while keeping total track of the routine aerobic roundups.

4. My Asics Run Training App

This app will help you design a perfect training plan or the timetable for either running a calorie race or a 10K marathon. My Asics Run Training app offers the user with the race training schedule that will thrust them towards an effective weight loss management program.

5. The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App

The highly friendly and attractive interface helps the user in skimming down the sizable exercising relays into a shorter and compressed form.   All you need is to grab a chair and scoop out sweet seven minutes from your monotonous life. Remember to add five minutes of warm-up time and another five minutes for cooling down of exhausted body. This app brings the jumping jacks to the similar jogging junctions where they can select from a medium-intensity workout to a high-intensity aerobics with a mix of the pushups, high-knee running, crunches, plank, side plank, triceps,  dips, etc.  The app is reliable and can be used by the people of all abilities and ages. 

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