5 Best Micro USB connectors

By : 15-May-2017
5 Best Micro USB connectors

The paradigm shifts towards the highly durable, reliable and sustainable Micro USB cord that can charge your smart gadget with the speed of the concord plane. These cords are highly essential for keeping your arsenal fully charged.

Here are the 5 Best Micro USB connectors to keep your gadgets powered

1.Scosche FlatOut LED Micro Cable

The humble Micro USB cable has a built-in LED on the Micro USB connector that glows red light while your device is charging. It flashed the blue light once the device is fully charged.  The cable is provided with a reversible EZtip which aid the users to plug the Micro USB end into their phone in either direction. The 3 feet long Scosche FlatOut LED Micro Cable offers a trouble free and quick charging and has zero trouble while syncing the data. The product is available in a 10 inch or 6-foot incarnations.  It comes with 12 months warranty.

2.TYLT Flyp Duo Cable

The rubbery soft-touch TYLT Flyp Duo Cable comes with a flat tangle-free design and has a reversible USB connector at one end. On the other end, the 3.3 feet cable has a standard Micro USB and Lightning connectors to offer dual benefit to the user. It is very useful for the households as the charging is made quick and efficient. The vibrant cable can perform the functions of file transfers with utmost ease. The cable has 12 months Warranty.

3. Anker PowerLine Cable

The long and strong Anker Micro USB cable is the only name that you can trust without a doubt.  Its material is integrated with the Kevlar fibers for the longevity of the cord. The 10-foot cable Anker supports quick charging while syncing the speeds. It has 2 Velcro ties for the purpose of coiling the excess cable if not in use. Anker is obtainable in 3 or 6-foot variations and has 18 months of warranty.

4. Volutz Equilibrium Cables

The Volutz Equilibrium Cables are obtainable in an assortment of lengths of 10 feet, 6.5 feet, and 3x 3.3 feet. It is made up of tough nylon braided cord and looks robust in shape. The circular connectors are quite large but give an easy grip to the user. The Volutz Equilibrium Cables can bear fast charging and can help in syncing data.  It comes with a warranty of 24 months.

5.Fuse Chicken Titan Cable

The 3.25 feet long Fuse Chicken Titan Cable is the robust cable the money can buy on this planet. The cable is wrapped with the industrial-strength steel cord that could not be tampered with the bite of your pet. It has a thick and heavy body that disallows it to tangle. The shorter version of the Fuse Chicken Titan cable is best available for the one who can pack this into their travel bags.  The Titan cable has a Limited lifetime warranty.

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