Period Pain Remedies to Get Rid Faster and Naturally

By : 15-Dec-2016
period pain remedies

Worldwide Menstrual Periods! Painful Phenomena

Menorrhoea or Menstruation is inarguably a natural part of a woman’s health cycle. Yes, I understand that it is the most dreaded time of the month for many women. But you can ease out your Menstruation Nightmares by remaining calm and administer the correlative and highly compatible tips I will be suggesting you in this features article. 

Pre Menstrual Symptoms: The PMS begin to manifest before a week and may continue until seven days after the date of your menstruation. Menstrual cramps affect differently on different women. Nearly 80 percent of the females mark one or more painful index in their full backs, breasts, abdomens and the entire body.

Hot Treatment Devices are Pain Relaxants

Heating devices like the well known pharmaceutical gel bag or therapeutic rubber water bag or simply a hot towel soaked in steaming water mixed with sea salt plus baking powder can minimise the pain of cramping in women.  Enjoying the warm baths added with Epsom salt that relax the muscles making the pain less noticeable.

Diminish Your Period Pangs With the Needle Affect

Acupoint Therapy

Acupuncture or electro-acupuncture therapy is a scientific technique that keep a gauge on the qi, or life force that flows through the body’s meridians and channels to bring about health and harmony in our lives. In case qi (the bad energy) is stuck in our system and is not flushed dime to time then it can cause the paradox. Menstrual cramping can be naturally cured with amazing Chinese Acupressure method. 

Tummy Press

 Gently clasp a little pressure on your belly such that it gets pressed deep inside with your palm’s thrust. Let the press last for 10-seconds at each spot of your tummy. Keep shifting your palm pressing the whole of your tummy. The sensation of the pressure will dominate over the sensation of the cramp caused by the menstrual cramping thus soothe your pain.

Pillow Press

 Lie on your stomach with a pillow directly at the cramp and relax yourself to sleep.
Abdominal Rig, Rolfing and Rubbing: Having a friend, a sister or your mom for massaging your abdomen will come as a blessing during those biting pangs. 

Your Pet is a Pretty Pain Killer: If you have a pet, let it lay on your lap as your pet produces heat and pressure which will mitigate your pangs. Cuddling and massaging your pet will in return benefit you in draining your stress and strain.

Physical Movement Crunch Cramp

 Brisk walking, mild bi-cycle riding are productive remedies for pain associated with menstrual cramping. Walking will cut off your beta-endorphins and ostaglandins.

Girls! Are You All Ready to Rip off Your Repulsive Menstrual Chums? 

Don’t you worry! You will. Having period pains is just run of the mill and is true to life. The menstrual cramps will leave you soon after doing their natural biological job every month. At that time of the month, you better pet and pamper yourself like a baby. With the abounding Remedies suggested to you in this feminine edition, you can take them as the soft token while you are actually surfing over those Crimson Waves.

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