Bigg Boss 10: Gaurav Chopra To Go On A Date With Bani

By : 17-Dec-2016

The Bigg Boss Season 10, Foxy Friday episode has televised Bani’s rage where she yells over her housemates wanting to leave the place. 
Bani and Manveer Gurjar who often repelled at the very sight are now seen swishing upon Lopamudra who has been squeakily playing her aggressive tricks so as to master the captaincy in the house. In short, the once upon a time rivals, Bani and Manveer are now behaving normally as friends. They recollects about the time when they couldn’t even confront each other in the house. 
Bani Gaurav- Two Sweet Sparrows Dine and Date Together:
The two dashing and dynamic duo Bani and Gaurav are magnetically attracted to each other these days. Bani gets an inch near to Gaurav and shares her heart with him saying that she now feels like going away from the pathetic house. Gaurav said that he would be left isolated in the absence of Bani. He would rather go away when she is not around in the house. Well the two love birds are adding significant sensual elements to the episode that acts like a feed to the followers of the BB. Let’s all watch the lucky Gaurav with Bani over their dinner date across the well lit evening.
Lopamudra Wins Captaincy in the House:
Lopa snatches her first task as a captain and gets on to her job of choosing 5 worst performers of the week. She hits off with her first pointing on Om, the man who was responsible for turning away chance of winning a luxury budget task.
Lopa’s second most pull as the worst performer is Priyanka Jagga for her rudeness. Lopa made her third and fourth nomination by giving the names of the Love-Larks Gaurav and Bani. She concluded her task by choosing Nitibha Kaul as the final nomination name. 
Lopa Collides with Priyank:
The two catties enters a ground fight brushing their frustrations out over each other.
Lopa begins: “Tum make-up ki dukan ho, feeka pakwan ho!” which brings to a piping hot hash between the facedown fairies.  Lopa  in return thrusts her tantrums back on  Priyanka’s face saying that  girls like her will end up standing in the audition queues for the rest of the lives whereas she has already proved her mettle by representing her country on international levels. 
Bigg Boss Jail Sentence:
From among the 3, Bani, Om and Priyanka,any two of them will be trashed in the jail and the remaining one will carry placard “Lopamudra I am sorry” and go behind Lopa the entire day. 
Lopa  thinks to push Om and Bani to jail. But Bani refuses to share any space with Om in the jail because he had earlier cursed her mom to die. 
Similarly, Priyank declines to go to jail and refuses to pick the placard “Lopamudra I am sorry.”

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