BJP leader Shaina safeguards Kailas Vijayvargiya for his negative remarks on Shah Rukh Khan

By : 24-Jan-2017
BJP Minister Shaina Vijayvargiya Cynical Shah Rukh

NC Shaina, the activist and the senior leader of BJP has stepped forward to defend Kailas Vijayvargiya who had made acrimonious statement on Shah Rukh Khan recently.

Kailas Vijayvargiya was just commenting on black money. There are no direct remarks on Shah Rukh Khan or any other film actor in his tweet, said Shaina.

Earlier this week, Vijayvargiya tweeted on his Twitter handle stating that: ‘Those Raees (rich) who are not loyal to the country are of no use, we should support a Kaabil (able) patriot.’

Vijayvargiya’s tweet has sparked controversy in the media. BJP minister Shaina has intervened in the matter for supporting Vijayvargiya. She said that he was expressing his own personal views. She further asserted that Vijayvargiya tweets were not entitled to Shah Rukh Khan or any body.

Shaina while clearing the confusion said that Vijayvargiya was endorsing his support on the notes ban.

Shaina while speaking to the media about the Vijayvargiya said: “It was a tongue in cheek comment on the black was metaphoric, philosophical...the larger picture is that Vijayvargiya is giving his views on the notes ban actually.”

With regards to the same subject, Shaina had texted a tweet on her Twitter handle: “No where there is a mention of @iamsrk or @iHrithik the reference to context is clearly to #NoteBandi so let's not create a controversy!!!”

So far, Vijayvargiya has not provided any explanation to what he had tweeted. Back in 2015, he had made a negative comment on Shahrukh Khan stating that: “Shah Rukh Khan lives in India, but his heart is in Pakistan, his films make crore here but he finds India intolerant.”

Vijayvargiya also commented saying:“Shah Rukh wouldn't have been the most popular actor after Amitabh (Bachchan) had India been intolerant. Vijayvargiya had included a point saying that: “My tweets were misinterpreted by some.”

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