BJP’s Biggest Win in Maharashtra civic polls

By : 24-Feb-2017
Bjp wins at Maharashtra corporations electoin

MUMBAI: A strong political drama was staged during the Maharashtra Corporation Municipal Elections this week. The two decades old Thackeray’s Shivsena that formed a robust league in the country had evidenced 55 percent turnout in the Lok Sabha elections on Tuesday. The Mumbai crowd had showed its lethargic nature by not participating in the elections in favour of Shivsena that had resulted BJP to win over its counterpart. The cosmopolitan middle-class and upper-middle-class from western and eastern Mumbai had strongly supported BJP despite the demonetisation episodes. The boosted BJP had swiped 8 out of 10 corporations in the Mumbai in the polls. BJP had brewed benefits from the heavy votes gained from the Gujrati-Marwari, North Indian residents and sections of the Marathi speaking population in this election. The Marathis could mark the majority with 114 seats out of 227 in the house. According to CM Devendra Fadnavis, the victory of the BJP lies in the people’s acceptance of its crystal clear agendas. Meanwhile, Uday Thackeray showed patience and had said to wait for some time while not rushing to form any alliance with any of the political entities.

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