Sweden government Called Off Bofors Scandal in 1988 to Avoid Embarrassment to Rajiv Gandhi

By : 25-Jan-2017
Bofors Scandal Enquiry Sweden in 1988 Embarrassmen

With an intention to safeguard the reputation of Rajiv Gandhi, the Sweden government has decided to call off the Bofors scandal in January 1988.

The assessment of the American agency states that: “Stockholm wanted to save Gandhi from the troubles involved in the Swedish leak and Nobel industries (the mother company). It had also wanted to avoid the bribery indictment.

 The detailed assessment of the American secret service agency was conducted in April 1988; two years after India entered a deal of Rs. 102.24 billion with the howitzers. According to the inputs shared by the West Europe division of  the Central Intelligence Agency CIA, both Sweden and India worked together in the deal. The Bofors has made their payments to secure the deal with howitzers.

The CIA‘s declassified records had revealed about Washington that kept close watch on the Bofors scandal and its fallouts in Sweden and India.

The papers of the arms scandal were heavily edited and despite that they were able to reveal the detailed timeline of the investigations. The documents also revealed about the national audit conducted by Stockholm that reflected a payment of $ 40 million which were distributed among the middlemen as commission.

The documents read: “This investigation was terminated in late January 1988, following a diplomatic visit of Gandhi to Stockholm.  According to the CIA’s assessment Bofors had almost made direct payments to Indian officials or through the middlemen who in turn paid off officials while securing INR 81.79 (USD 1.2) billion of howitzers.

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