Bollywood Actor Archana Vijaya Reacts Angrily to Kohli's Viral Photograph

By : 06-May-2017
Actor Archana Vijaya Reacts Angrily to Kohli

NEW DELHI: The viral Photo of Royal Challengers Bangalore, RCB Skipper Virat Kohli states that he was starring wide at the ripped jeans of Archana Vijaya. It was basically a fake rumour that was massively shared on the social media forum.

Actor Archana who has been back as the presenter in the 10th Indian Premier League reacted very angrily that how can people take up any lame point to make headlines. Thus the lady defended the Indian captain and clearly explained on what really did happen when the picture was captured.

Archana had mentioned that both of them were playing a rapid fire round and the poor innocent guy was just trying to get a glance at the cue card. It was the game card he was ogling at and not the torn part of her jean pants.

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