Sexually harassed sisters found hanging in Kerala's Palakkad village

By : 08-Mar-2017

Palakkad: A sudden wave of shock has immersed the Palakkad village into a sea of sorrow after a 9-year-old minor girl’s body was hanged to death in her own home on 4th of March. Fifty-two days ago, a 14-year old teenage sister of the victimized girl was hanged to death in a suspicious manner.

The mother of the two deceased girls had informed the media that she had evidenced her eldest daughter being sexually harassed 52 days before by her estranged relative who was not allowed to step inside the house.

The post-mortem results had declared about both the victim sisters who became the subject of acute molestation and rape. However, the police have not yet arrived at any concrete conclusion or define the event as a case of murder. The Inspector-General Ajith Kumar had registered a case of rape and death against the accused.

According to the state police’s provisional crime statistics, over 2,568 rapes cases were said to have surfaced in the city of Kerala within the timeframe of one year. The Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act, POCSO, has reported about the minor girls who were subjected to abduction, harassment, rape and killing by the assaulters who would be extremely punished by the government.

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