CBSE recommends making Board exams for Class X mandatory

By : 21-Dec-2016
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NEW DELHI: The governing body has decided to make the 10th grade board examination compulsory in effect from March 2018.  On Tuesday, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has approved restarting of Class 10th board exams.

The highest decision-making body has decided that the aggregate of the exams will be 80% based on the board exam and 20% on the school’s internal assessments.

Since five years, the X standard exam has been optional. The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) in 2009 was cracked in the UPA government. It was done to shed the exam pressure on students.

Parents and Faculty Favoured Class X CBSE Exam:

Many of the principals and parents are in support of the board exam. The CCE curriculum had earlier opened the gateways for identification of the talented students from out of the ordinary slots. But due to the shortage of consummate teachers and skilled mentors in our Indian education system, CCE had clashed with certain shortcomings.

Educators Dead Against the Third Language:

It is equally likely that the CBSE Secondary school students will be introduced with a third Indian language apart from Hindi and English.

A foreign international language will be treated as a fourth language and hence an elective.

Certain group of educationists said that in the age of globalisation students must not be enforced with national languages. The group explained that students will not remain static in the state but will fly overseas to pursue their study and career. Thus the educational bodies cannot obtrude them with languages. The pupils must be given a generous option between Indian and foreign language as suggested by Priyanka Gulati, principal of Evergreen Public School in New Delhi.

HRD Body Endorse Class X CBSE Exam:

Prakash Javadekar the Human Resource Development Minister gave away his consent for making the Class 10 boards mandatory along with the inclusion of three-language formula. 

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