Chandrababu Naidu Claims On 40 Days Cash Ban, Still No Solution,Lot of Problems Claims

By : 21-Dec-2016
chandra babu naidu on bjp for noteban

VIJAYAWADA: The moment PM Modi had announced demonetisation of 500INE and 1000INR on November 8, Naidu cheered the idea of the note ban earlier but now feeling his head right in the oven. 
He had anticipated that the note ban would unearth black money and weed out the corruption. But presently he is absolutely worried as there is no escape from the crisis brought about by the massive cash crunch. 
Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu was recently appointed as the head to govern the fresh committee of Chief Ministers for scripting a layout for cashless transition operable in the country. 
Despite 41 days of note ban, there is still a water tight situation in the nation taking scarcity of the cash. Mr Naidu shared his concerns with the legislators and parliamentarians in his Telugu Desam Party on Monday. 
He admitted that they were able to resolve the huge hurdles like Cyclone Hudhud but demonetisation is such a compounding crisis that could not be solved or controlled by any.
Mr Naidu had illustrated that the people are battling to have gain an access over the new currency in order to meet their basic necessities but failed to retrieve their own money from the banks and ATMs.
Mr. Naidu together with his politicos is spending two solid hours daily in checking the monetary issues  erupted by demonetisation. “I am breaking my head daily but we are unable to find a solution to this problem" said Naidu.
Mr. Naidu made comparison to the cash crisis the India had faced in August 1984. There was an internal party coup against the late CM NT Rama Rao the father-in-law of Naidu.  However, those crises were tackled within 30 easy days, whereas in the present case even 40 days laps could not cure the persistent crisis. 
The TDP leaders feared that the PM Modi’s move may germinate disastrous political consequences in the state.  
All the opposition parties united together in the Parliament with an intention to accuse Modi government for the unplanned implementation of demonetisation.
But the BJP government sticks to its major objective and claims that the significant move will act as a catalyst against corruption and unaccountable money. The government asserts that it empathise with the discomforts of the masses but in the long run the move  will come as a formidable step against eradication of corruption from the root level.  

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