China Says No Major Role for India, If it Joins One Belt One Road in Future

By : 15-May-2017
China Says No Major Role for India

India's due refusal to Join China's high-profile belt and road initiative or the one belt one road OBOR mission, Beijing has rebuked New Delhi for turning down its invite. The Chinese President Xi Jinping said that India will get a very small role to play if at all it decides to join the initiative in the future.

The article also states that with the active responses from countries along the road, India cannot interfere with its neighbouring nations from collaborating with China in the infrastructural development.

However, this 2-day belt and road forum meet were amidst the leaders of 29 different places that even included Pakistan. Thus India's main reason for the boycott was due to the supremacy concern over the 50 billion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC that passes over the PoK. India has mentioned that the connectivity projects must be undertaken in a manner that respects the sovereign and territorial unity of all the states.

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