Xiaomi Inc Mints Miraculous Growth Admits Chinese Entrepreneur Lei Jun

By : 17-Jan-2017
Meet Lei Jun, Chinese,Xiaomi

LEI JUN’S TALE OF TRIUMPH:In 1992, Lei the young engineer became a part of the founding team of Kingsoft.Kingsoft’s listing on the stock exchange has pushed company’s IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. With his sagacity, Lei went ahead to dominate as the CEO of Kingsoft in 1998.  During the course of time he made innumerable investments in many startup venture companies.

The young Chinese maven is also likened to Ronald Crawford popularly known as the Ron Conway of Silicon Valley. Ron was an American angel investor and an affamed philanthropist.

Lei did not stop hear but moved to become the founding father of Joyo.com in 2000 which was later acquired by Amazon in 2004.

Undoubtedly, Xiaomi has been growing with the fastest rate. The firm is valued at $45 billion and had retailed over 70 million smartphone devices in 2015. Earlier it had peddled 18.7 million units of smartphones in 2013 and 7.2 million units in 2012.


The Top 10 IT Figures in 1999, 2000 and 2002

The Top 10 Figures of Gaming in 2005

The China Central Television awarded Lei as the Top 10 Business Leaders for 2012

The Fortune named Lei as the 11 Most Powerful Business people of Asia for 2013

The Most Notable Entrepreneur by BAZAAR Men's Style for 2013


Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has his objectives centred on globalization, Internet finance, technological breakthroughs, and artificial intelligence.

He planned to generate more stocks of smartphones to meet the demand. His manufacturing unit and production line is based in Chennai.

He aimed to tap the offline retail sector while his company had witnessed saturation in sales.


In July 2015, Forbes ranked the entrepreneur at the 87 on their list of global billionaires with a personal assets worth of $13.2 billion. In June 2016, Forbes disclosed Lei Jun's net worth assets to be $ 9.8 billion approximately.

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