CIA assessed killing of Rajiv Gandhi, 5 years before it happened

By : 30-Jan-2017
CIA assessed killing of Rajiv Gandhi

The Central Intelligence Agency of United States of America has assessed the assassination of the then Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi, 5 years before he was killed, in a thorough brief prepared on him.

The detailed and thorough brief prepared on Rajiv Gandhi has described the circumstances on what would happen in the Indian political scenario, if he is assassinated, or if he abruptly departs from the political scene of India.

The report which is prepared based on the inputs received by the CIA has mentioned in its first sentence that the Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi has at least even a chance of being assassinated before his tenure ends in 1989, and his assassination could be a major near-term threat for him.

The first sentence of the report reads, “Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi faces at least an even chance of assassination before his tenure in office ends in 1989.”

The report contains the first section titled ‘Key Judgements’ where it is postulated the likelihood scenarios in the domestic and in the international political and economic situations of the country, resulting from the leadership change from Rajiv Gandhi. The report described in detail the possible change in the scenarios of the country’s relationships with US, USSR and with the other countries in that region.

Under the section titled ‘The Threat of Assassination: Stability in Jeopardy, the report described “In our view, there is at least an even chance in the next several years of an assassination, most likely by extremist Sikhs or disgruntled Kashmiri Muslims who have targeted Rajiv,” besides “a fanatical Hindu”

The report also described, “Although we believe assassination is the major near-term threat to Rajiv's tenure, any of several other events could cause his abrupt departure from the political scene before 1989.”   

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