Citizens of South Korea Cast Vote in Historic Elections Today

By : 09-May-2017
Historic Elections in South Korea Today

SEOUL: The eligible citizens of South Korea reach the polls today on Tuesday the 9th of May 2017.  In order to choose a new president after Park Geun-Hye was expelled. The latter was accused of corruption charges against the huge backdrop of high tensions with the nuclear-armed North.

The electorates were all shocked in anger over bribes and power scandal abuse, that had brought the reputation of president Park down. It also invoked frustrations over jobs and slow growth.

A former human rights lawyer Moon Jae-in holds an authoritative lead in the opinion polls for months. A strong need to change the government is most needed amongst the people of South Korea, it can be achieved only when their vote. Moon had stated this after coming out from a polling station in western Seoul along with his wife.

Approximately more than 139,000 voting stations were opened at 6 am the local Korean time. The polling booths were organised all across the country under cloudy skies with the turnout expected to hit a high record. Exit poll results are to be available soon as the voting gets over at 8 pm, (4:30 pm Indian standard time).

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