Rahul To Fight Against Congress BJP For Demonetisation Move

By : 27-Dec-2016
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According to an announcement made by Congress on Monday, the party will hold country wide protests on Jan 5 at all district head quarters and at all block levels on Jan 8. The party said that these country wide protests are in order to highlight the woes of common man since Modi has brought in the demonetisation move and also to declare the personal corruption of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This decision has been taken and announced by the Congress party vice president Rahul Gandhi while speaking at a meeting of all top Congress party leaders, and he also called for the participation of the common man in this fight against demonetisation.

According to the Congress party sources, it was also revealed that the party will also hold pressers at the central and state levels on December 29 and 30, and later on Jan 2 at all district levels, all through the country. And through holding these pressers, the Congress party intends to highlight the personal corruption by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also about the troubles of common man since demonetisation.

While speaking at the meeting that was attended by all party general secretaries and secretaries, PCC chiefs and other top leaders at the central and the state level, the Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi alleged that the demonetization move taken by the government is itself a scam and that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also involved in corruption activities and has not come clean until now in the Sahara diary briberies issue.

According to the sources, the Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has said in the meeting that, “If an independent probe is held, Modiji will stand exposed.”

"We will also highlight the personal corruption by the Prime Minister... and the suffering of the common people due to demonetisation," Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said. 

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