Cyber Security Techies Brace up for a Shocking 2nd Wave of Big Ransomware Attack

By : 15-May-2017
Cyber Security Techies Brace up

Monday, the first busy day of the week witnessed the biggest cyber attack on a global platform. It is a warning notification from the computer technicians that more official bodies and companies will be affected by this ransom virus, that locks the users out of their own digital desktops. The police and internet security forces are shocked by the huge scale of this online attack.

The European and British cop units have notified that a sudden fallout from an unknown global cyber attack would increase as the people report to work on 15th May 2017. A quick investigation has already been in the process to catch the real culprits behind the world's massive computer ransom assault, that has already hit more than 2,00,000 victims and 150 countries.

This malicious ransomware forcibly violated and possessed Windows XP computers, that is basically an age-old operating system for Microsoft.  The latter which largely terminated its support in 2014.

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