Dangal Is The Best Sports Biopic In Indian Cinema

By : 24-Dec-2016
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Although Mahavir Phogat, on whose life segment the Dangal movie is based on, does not have a truly inspiring sporting feat in his life, he has received Dronacharya award for training his daughters Geeta Phogat and Babita Phogat and producing them to win medals in wrestling competition of Commonwealth games glory for the year 2010.

While there have been several sports based biopic movies in the past from Bollywood of athletes such as Milkha Singh, Mary Kom and of cricketer M S Dhoni, Dangal of Aamir Khan has created a new trend in these biopic movies with a well told story.

Moreover, Aamir Khan is a kind of actor from whom you can expect the unexpected and Dangal is a proof of that. Now with its new kind of storytelling, the move Dangal has outshined all the movies in its genre and has received acclaims from the moviegoers as the best description of sports and sportsmen on silver screen so far.

The credit of the movie success definitely goes to the Nitesh Tiwai, for creating an inspiring script and mesmerising direction of the movie, along with the brilliant performances of Aamir Khan and other co actors. Each and every person casted in this movie has offered their truly brilliant performances and contributions to the successful making of this film.

While we have seen Aamir Khan giving his best and top performance in his past blockbuster movies like Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, Sarfarosh and 1947 Earth, his performance in Dangal has definitely created a new record over all these and created a new trend for the film industry.

Industry sources said that the film making of Dangal is set to inspire many Indian youth to take wrestling as their sports media and at least to participate in the any games in Olympics.

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