Dangal Is Against The Basic Principles Of What Parents Should Not

By : 28-Dec-2016
Why, People, Against, Aamir, Dangal

Aamir Khan does not follow what he says and is self-contradictory; this is what making rounds on social media since the Dangal movie has been released and creating tremors at the box-office.

The main reason for people to stand against the Dangal and Aamir Khan’s view is that earlier films of Aamir were like 3 Idiots and Taare Zameen Par conveyed the message which is opposite to Dangal. In this film, Aamir portrayed the role of Mahavir Phogat who could not resume his dream as he had to surrender for his family.

But, to fulfill his dream, he forced his children to practice against their wish and make them practice rigorously is one way what people don’t like. Another point is that cut short their hair. Forcing one’s dream on their kids should be avoided, this is what people think and most upset them to stand against the movie and Aamir Khan.

Moreover, Mahavir became a villain in the eyes of many people.  But, Geetha and Babita are very grateful to their father for making their lives meaningful and being ambitious. When they don’t have any complaints against their father, why should critics have?

Phogat found the capabilities in his girls and trained them. If they don’t have such spark, his training would have gone in vain and critics did not identify.  

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