'Buy American, Hire Americans': Donald Trump

By : 15-Dec-2016
Donald Trump, Buy American, Hire Americans

WASHINGTON: The United States President elect Donald Trump remarked over the previous leaders of his country who did not put America’s interest on priority and that has led to immense job losses.

The Republican billionaire after going through the treaties signed by the US with other countries over the years has said that they have been putting others' interests ahead rather than our own.

Two Simple & Straight Forward Rules of Trump Administration:

While speaking in an impressive rally in Wisconsin at a 'Thank You Tour' Trump asserted that: "My administration will follow two Simple Rules. Buy American! & Hire Americans!

Trump added: We're going to do it. Because from now on, it's going to be America first, America foremost"

US Interest-Top Priority While Striking A Deal With Overseas Says Trump:

Trump asserts that from now on US interest will be on top while signing deals with other countries.

Trump pointed over the previous governments had signed deals in the benefit of other countries rather the benefit of the American nation.

America Lost One-third of Its Manufacturing Jobs Says Trump:

Donald Trump blames NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) for losing out manufacturing jobs at the national level. He asserted that his country has lost 70,000 factories and related job prospects.

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