EC Says Indian Voters Have To Vote During Polls In Native Places

By : 26-Dec-2016
Election Commission Says Indian Voters Must Vote

According to the feedback received from the committee that has been set up to study the likelihood of amending the electoral law to give voting rights for the interstate migrants inside the country, it is not possible to do so, as these domestic migrants cannot be considered as a uniquely identifiable and countable class.

Citing 2001 census data of 314.5 million as the only available data to identify them as domestic migrants in the country, the panel suggested that there is not even any reliable information or documentation for determining the number of domestic migrants in the country.

The Supreme Court has directed the Election Commission to set up a panel for this study, earlier, according to the recommendation from an UAE-based doctor Shamsheer V.P., represented by advocate Haris Beeran to review the status of voting rights available to the interstate migrants inside the country like postal ballot available to government servants.

“Several thousands of voters keep on changing their places of ordinary residence frequently making this task even more complex,” the Commission said.

Moreover, the Commission also ascertained that there is a confusion resulting into multiple entries of voters because of the multiple vernacular data, varying patterns of spelling and also due to difficulty in ascertaining the date of birth of voters.

Hence, the Commission stressed on the need to linkage the electoral detail with the Aadhaar number to ensure that the each and every voter in the country is only enrolled once in the electoral roll.

However, the Commission also did not completely negate the proposal to provide domestic migrants with absentee voting rights and said that it is possible to only those subset of migrants who formed an identifiable and countable class of electors and are not delinked from their present place of registration but are only temporarily absent from their place of ordinary residence.

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