Most Effective Exercises for Weight Loss

By : 30-Mar-2017
Effective Exercises for Weight Loss

Losing weight is definitely aim of many people and some section people are trying hard to lose weight and shape their body. It is a dream of everybody to get into the good body shape. So, there are many ways to shed the weight but a few workouts can truly fulfil your dream for sure.


Stand middle of the barbell and bend your forward to grab it, you must keep your shins back and hips should be straight.   You cannot bend your back and push your hips forward to lift the bar. Just push your hips back to lower the bar, the foot should not move and knees are to be straight. It can burn the fats in the body and works well on the tummy and weight loss.

Barbell Bench Press

Lie on the flat bench and hold the barbell firmly. Lift the barbell above your chest with arms fully extended. Breathe in and lower the bar slowly until it comes to the chest. Do it same as before and lower it to the position of the chest. According to scholars, the more you do, the more calories will burn and assure on weight loss.

Barbell Lunge

Pick the right weight of barbell and put it on your back. Step forward with a right foot and move into a lunge, so both legs will be bent with your back knee and come close the floor. Get back the position immediately and repeat it for some time. It is bit difficult but it helps you to increase metabolism and weight loss is assured.

Bent over Rows

Hold the dumbbell firmly and bend your knees slightly so that your body is the almost parallel floor. Leave the dumbbell lower to knees and pull it back with force and repeat the exercise. It can activate muscles and energize well. It can burn the fats too and give you enough confidence with good muscle building and weight loss.


Lie down on the floors by lifting knees into V-shape. Put your hand behind your head and push your body towards your knees and rest the head back to the position and repeat the exercise again and again.  It is one of the best exercises that can keep your heart rate up and burn the fats. 


Stand straight and squat down until your comes to the floor. Then place your hand on the floor spread your legs opposite floor. Push up until your arms are stretched and get back to position and jump once. Repeat this exercise for some time. You can shed a lot of weight and turn slim within a short time. You will lose weight.

Barbell Squats

Stand straight and put the barbell on your back. This exercise is involved your hamstrings. Slowly squat down and get back to the position. You can repeat this physical activity as many times you can. Squats require a lot of energy but show you better results.


When you decided to lose the weight, these workouts can give you better results. Within a couple of months, your body shape would be impressive and get ripped body. 

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