Poor want English to be taught in govt schools

By : 16-Jan-2017
English Language,Govt Schools

NEW DELHI: The poorest section of the county feel that English is a medium for better life and they wanted the government schools to make English speaking mandatory for the students from the scratch.

The segment has also raised their recommendations including the detention policy in various classes and yoga or sports to be made as a part of education curriculum for the betterment of the children development.

The poor cluster has conveyed in the report to the Prime Minister that they aspire to make their children learn the international language as they individually could  not afford to send their wards to private 'English medium' schools.

The downtrodden sections recommended the educational counsel to teach English in the deprived government schools. They suggested the body to uplift the skills of the ward to the international global standards.

The HRD ministry is however, reviewing the policy that is prescribed in the Right to Education (RTE) Act as per which children cannot be detained till class 8.

With regard to physical development of the ward, the poor group has advocated integration of yoga and active sports along with the education curriculum.

They have also requested the panel about the Indian children who should participate in tests like Programme for International Students' Assessment (PISA) to sharpen their language assets.

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