Paedophile who tried to rape 600 girls arrested in Delhi

By : 16-Jan-2017
Sexual Abuse, Caught

NEW DELHI: Sunil Rastogi, the father of three daughters and two sons was arrested for targeting hundreds of girls between 7 and 10 out of sexual obsession.

The 38-year-old paedophile is sexually attracted to children and lured with the girls.

The tailor by profession has allegedly confessed abducting hundreds of schoolgirls since 14 years and was eventually nabbed by the police on Saturday after investigations into three cases of sex-molestation on the minor girls.

His confessions have shocked the police officials as they were baffled by the criminal who managed to escape from the radar of the police for so long. Back in 2006, the man was trashed into the prison for six months in Uttarakhand.

The senior police official Omvir Singh said to the media that Rastogi had been misleading the innocent girls on the pretext that he has to deliver the dresses to the girls house and this way he takes the girl along into an isolated place to commit the depredation.

Rastog’s biological daughters would also be counselled as police wants to know if he targeted them as well. As of now his daughters, 9 and 10 are found to be kidnapped and missing.

The children complained to their parents about the mane character who forced them to a partially constructed building site and ran away at the scream of the kids.   

Inquiries had reported about the school dropouts who were administered with the narcotics by the accused to induce the girls to sleep for conduction of rapine and statutory offence.

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