Indian Immigrant convicted of operating multi-million dollar scam in US

By : 03-Mar-2017
us fedral court Sets 9 Years Jail to a Nonresident

Alexandria, VA: Amit Chaudhry, an Indian Immigrant had been declared 9 years of imprisonment in the Federal Prison for a multimillion dollar treacherous scheme. The guilty said that it was a mutual family trust that had landed him into the biggest international theft scheme. It had entrapped the popular television actress Laura Vandervoort. The fraud was exposed when the accused's passport photo was recognised to be fake by the FBI agency. The photo image was literally taken from a familiar scene in the television series ‘V’ involving visas.

The 44-year old from Ashburn, Virginia, had appeared in the Alexandria federal court on Thursday where he had mentioned that he had never dreamt of being a felon.

Chaudhry was alleged to be guilty of credit cards thefts and money concealment that had let him face 20 years of imprisonment. He had been cooperating with the authorities, who are engaged in their mission of investigation about the conspirators in the United States and abroad. Five people were already arrested for being guilty. He had mentioned his plea in the court that he was subjected to a lot of verbal and physical harassment in the Alexandria jail. It is likely that the prosecutors may consider reducing his punishment for his cooperation towards the authorities.  

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