The Best Fitness Tracker Devices in the Market

By : 24-Apr-2017
Fitness Tracker Devices

A fitness tracker is one of the best accurate ways to check, record and monitor a person’s daily fitness activity. It keeps a record of the calorie walk, fat burning 5K or 10K run and the aerobic rounds put in total for one particular session.

It intelligently counts on the heartbeat, pulse rate and even quality of sleep.

Here are a few best fitness tracker devices available in the market for you to bring home

1. Misfit Ray Best for simplicity

This fitness tracker is a simple, stylish and sleek gadget that replaces the customary and the conventional fitness tracker device of the olden times. The elite application system records and checks the wolfish walks, calorie running relays, and the night pattern quality of sleep. It even alerts the users with the incoming messages and the ongoing calls that he receives on his smartphone. Misfit Ray is also available with the sober strap options that could be worn as the pretty pendant.

2.  Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

This activity tracker is by far the most attractive product manufactured by any company. The dimensions of the Alta fitness tracking device is measured as 6.2-7.6 inches. 

The Fitbit Alta counts each angular aerobic step, distance, active calories burns, and quality hours of the undisturbed sleep put up by the user. It's OLED flashlight display feature helps the user to access the statistics and the time. This device permits the user to set the tracker to the silent mode, or to keep a vibrating alarm, recall text or send calendar notifications to the smartphone.

3. Garmin Vivosmart HR+

The regular fit Garmin Vivosmart HR+ activity tracker comes in a royal purple shade. This device has broken the biggest of the records.  It has acquired the wearable tech awards 2016 for its worthiness. The product offers a good mix of activity, heart rate and GPS tracking. The GPS monitoring and integration display the correct count at the fastest speed. When the user of this device set him over the course of jogging, biking, swimming or walking, it automatically counts the people's exercising engagements.  This device is powered by good sustainable battery life that let it function smoothly for a week.  It has a fantastic 24x7 heart rate pace machine that comes in the form of a wristband tracker that is wearable day and night.

Garmin Vivosmart HR+ is designed with a 5

ATM and comes with the dimensions of 5.4 to 7.6 inches or 136.0 to 192.0 mm.

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