The Best Foods to Eat Before and After Yoga

By : 03-Apr-2017
foods to eat before and after yoga

Do you practice yoga every day? If yes, do you aware of food that you should take before and after practicing yoga. Get the information of taking food during the course of performing yoga.

Yoga And Diet

In order to get benefited from yoga, it is indispensable that you eat the right type of food. When you don’t intake quality and proper diet, it would be dream shattered situation for all of you. It is compulsory that you should take the right amount of food at the right time to yield the expected results.

What To Eat Before Yoga

Since decades, it has been contradictory among yoga scholars and health experts regarding food to take before performing yoga. Most of the people think that eating food before practicing yoga postures is not healthy as some poses will put a lot of pressure on the abdominal muscles. However, some have opined that when people are hungry, they cannot focus on mind and body. So, eating food before yoga is not wrong theory.

There are a few important things that have to keep in mind if it is really tough to elude eating before yoga postures.

You need to take a light food as consumes a long time for digestion; Of course, it depends on the type of foods that you consume. It is always advisable to have a light food before you enter into yoga session and won’t take a toll on your metabolism.

Choose food items that have a low glycemic index and avoid food that has excess sugar content. Craving for junk food is problematic and should say big NO and try to elude soft drinks too.

Plan it rightly and have food a couple of hours before practicing yoga. It might not be possible every time but at least an hour before you have and go to a yoga session.

You should also avoid acidic content food. It can make you feel heartburn. So, it is better to ignore orange juice and coffee.

If you take plenty liquids, you might feel heavy and stomach cramps in practicing session of yoga. Hence, drink a small amount of water or juice to stay hydrated and escape these signs at the same time.

The yoga session is morning for you; don’t even think of consuming alcohol in the night. Since alcohol produces dehydration effect on the body.

These are suggested to eat before practicing yoga

Avocados, Bananas, Fruit Smoothies, Apples, Yogurt, Almonds, Dried Fruit And Nut Bar, Berries

What To Eat After Yoga

After completion of a yoga session, it is understandable that you feel hungry. Spending a lot of time at the yoga and doing various postures can make you hungry and want to eat food. But, in order to lose weight, you should not eat everything as they would affect your health.


You should drink plenty of water after yoga performing

Fresh Fruit Juice

It is good to have a large glass of fresh fruit juice after a yoga session.

Homemade Vegetable Soup

As you go through physical strain with various poses, you burn a whole lot of calories, so it is necessary that you must provide plenty of nutrients with calories. You can have homemade vegetable soups. 


It is one of the best foods that you offer to your body.

Green Tea

Green tea is better than many other beverages so you can offer to your body

Fresh Vegetable Salad

Vegetable salad can be good food for your body and take after returning from yoga classes.

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