The Top Free iPhone Gaming Apps

By : 05-May-2017
Free iPhone Gaming Apps

The super addictive habits of gaming are known to stimulate our brain and sharpen our already active mind. The Gaming apps provide the enthusiasts with the fertile ground for mobile gaming. The gamification platforms are armed with bold graphics and responsive touchscreens features. There are voluminous games that are playable over the local area network and through the Internet using your gadgets. The various action-oriented computer gaming genres include Massively Multiplayer Online MMO, Simulation, Cerebral clues, Adventure, Real-Time Strategy RTS,   Puzzle, Action, Stealth Shooter, Stunts, Combat etc.

Here are the Top Free iPhone Gaming Apps

1. Clash Royale, an iPhone Gaming App

Clash Royale is suspiciously a rare and a fair game playable round the clock. Its basic set-up of the tiny single-screen arena allows the participant to battle with the other players online. Each player is given with a King tower and 2 small flanking building units that are placed on

2. Breakneck, an iPhone Gaming App

Breakneck is an exhilarating video game that blasts the tricky 3D environments you are living in. As we know that our world is occupied with the hostile invaders whose intent is to on hunt you down.  You can carefully avoid those virtual obstacles in the dangerous landscapes. The environment is made to reset every day to break apart the monotony of gaming. While you approach the end, the siren begins to beep in order to alert the player about the alien’s attack.

3. Beneath The Lighthouse, an iPhone Gaming App

We know that we could never get ourselves stuck beneath a lighthouse. But this gamification app allows us to assume what is impossible on the earth. This is an action puzzler that requires finger-control along with the brainpower to win over the game. You can drag the on-screen wheel to shift the circular chambers and get the little chap rolling about. The levels of the game are highly challenging and becomes totally murderous as the game gravitates ahead. 

4. Bejeweled Blitz, an iPhone Gaming App

Bejeweled Blitz is an astonishingly addictive and ultra-tech puzzle game. The participant can swap colored jewels within the available grid using their fast fingers.

The matched jewels disappear with the appearance of the new ones. The app offers drip-feed of gift points and rewards. We can intrude into the social media as the app integrate the multiple players on the single set.

5. Alphabear, an iPhone Gaming App

This is a critical word game that is added with complexities. The letters begin to spark in green colors and if they are unused they take the yellow, orange and then red color. You must ignore red alphabets at your peril as they transform themselves into rocks, and blocking bears of tall and thin nature in our pathway. Consequently, at the finishing of the game, the giant beasts result in huge numbers to give you immense bliss. 

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