Top 10 Gaming Apps in android mobile

By : 02-May-2017
Gaming Apps in android

A mobile gaming application offer the users with the moment of relaxation with the dashboard of video gaming on their smartphone, iphone, smartwatch, iPad, iPod touch, tablet computer, portable media player or even the calculator. The users in their leisure time can dive into the deep steep valleys of fantastic gaming anytime and anywhere from across their handy brandy devices.

1. Pokémon Go 4.0 Stars

The playful participants can download this particular gaming app on their devices and experience the pleasure of enjoying the real-time game in the truest sense. The main goal is to catch and search the Pokémon. The app interconnects multiple players into one game for the benefit of the sport.

2. FIFA Mobile Football 4.2 Stars

This is the app that makes the flamboyant football fans and followers have fabulous times on the virtual fields of FIFA Mobile gaming on their potential devices and gadgets. You can build, select and manage your own team while going head to head in the competition.

3. Asphalt Xtreme Offroad Racing 4.4 Stars

The brand new version of the Asphalt Xtreme Offroad Racing is meant for those who loves to soar the speeding on the virtual speedways of their device screen. The delicious driving experience is made all the more dramatical  with a  NO ROAD and NO RULES to be obeyed. The rider can raft over the sand dunes, canyons, ponds without wounding themselves to reach to their finishing lines much before their opponents do.

4. Candy Crush Saga 4.4 Stars

The users can join along with the 2 cute characters Tiffi and Mr. Toffee to enter into the adventurous play pack through the candy kingdom. You may keep traveling through the magical landscapes, visit wonderful places,  or even conquor the kooky characters. 

5. Animation Throwdown TQFC 4.6 Stars

Animation Throwdown search, quest or hunt for cards, brings all the happy hours of the animated cartoon series characters from Family

Guy, Futurama, American Dad, King of the Hill and many others. The main object of the game is to collect the maximum of the cards. One can manage the deck and create new combos as the player fights an epic card battle.

6. Oh, My Brain! Block Puzzle-Tetris 4.2 Stars

This is a mind training and twitching puzzle game available on the Google Play platform. Latest features updated in the inspirational game makes it even more fun to the participant than ever before.  All you have to do is drag and drag the blocks to match up and win the puzzle.

7. Need for Speed No Limits 4.3 Stars

You can keep racing on the track with the first white-knuckle edition.  The user can build on their dynamic dreams using their customized cars of their true choice. Just remember to hit the track and kick on the pedal to roll ahead for winning the game. 

8. Despicable Me 4.4 Stars

If you remember those tiny little cutie yellow characters from the animated cartoon movie Despicable Me, then you will surely fall in love with the Minion Rush. You can call your childhood life back by doing all the crazy stuff quite like the minions who jump, roll, dodge, slide, scramble and even run to collect the maximum of bananas in the running game.

9. Minion's Paradise 4.3 Stars

If you loved Despicable Me, you will definitely love Minion’s paradise where many yellow mellow Minions seemed to have lost on a tropical island while following their sinking cruise ship. You can join in the innocent cute Minions to help them find a holiday of a lifetime.

10. Subway Surfers 4.5 Stars

Using this app you can own a ticket to accelerate yourself for a crazy run along with the speeding of the ongoing super express trains.  You can escape all the inspectors and his barking dog who seems tobe doing the best job in the whole world.

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