Gauthamiputra Satakarni vs Khaidi.no150

By : 14-Jan-2017
gauthamiputrasatakarni vs khaidno.150

An avid explanation for Which film to watch 100? Or 150?
Honestly, no one can tell you which film to watch reasonably, but certainly we can help you in it with avid reasoning that would involve differences, similarities and highlights in a single note.
Story wise:
GPSK - Krish took the historical story to a complete different standards with his ethical scripting touch in addition to the base line of the story.
Khaidi No. 150 - Despite being a remake story, Director V.V Vinayak seem to make trims and sums to the main story which added the Tollywood commercial elements to the movie.
Concept Wise:
GPSK - Gautami Putra Satakarni is a historical movie that unfolded the Incidents of Telugu King Gautamiputra Satakarni.
Khaidi No. 150 - The main concept of Khaidi No. 150 revolves around disturbing notions of Framer's life.
Direction wise:
Krish Jagarlamudi - He just pinned a master piece Industry Hit that will be chanted for years and definitely string him among the Top Directors of Tollywood for Decades.
V.V. Vinayak - He gave a remarkable direction touch to Megastar's Re-entry which will surely sway on Tollywood for more memorable yeaMajor Strength’s:
Khaidi No. 150: With D.S.P's fantastic music numbers the Juke Box was a chart buster. Spellbounding Graceful Dance along with Power pack dialogues of Chiranjeevi is the biggest Strength of the movie.
GPSK: Story itself is the biggest asset for the movie. Balakrishna's glorious acting skills and immersive dialogue delivery is the major highlight for the movie.

Visual Strength:
Khaidi No. 150: Megastar's screen presence and Ratnavelu's priceless photography skills is the biggest visual strength.
GPSK: More than the VFX part, Krish's insistingly made visuals look more realistic with nerving screenplay.
***Despite their differences and similarities, undoubtedly both of these movies are worth watching for this Sanranthi season.

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