Government Request People To Delete Apps From SmartPhones

By : 17-Dec-2016

The Indian Home Ministry has asked citizens to delete four applications immediately if installed, from their mobiles, concerned with security reasons. Pakistani cyber criminals have released some malware-ridden apps in major app store. If users install these applications, there will be a high possibility of information leakage such as bank details and mobile wallets information.

Smartphone users are advised to remove these apps, namely Top gun, Mpjunkie, Bdjunkie, Talking frog from their phone immediately. These threats have increased in the past year, especially after the terrorist attack on Indian Air Force Pathankot base. It is widely reported that Pakistan's ISI has utilized Smesh app to track Indian Army movements and their operations.

On government exhortation, Tech-Giant Google has banned the Smesh app from play store for security reasons. Indian Army also advised deleting similar apps-We chat and Line from mobiles as well.

After the demonetization effect, every other user has been using mobile wallets. Now citizens have to be more cautious of applications labeled with distrusted credentials.

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