US Immigrants H1-B visas Temporarily Sustained, To Avoid Rush

By : 18-Mar-2017
H1-B visas Temporarily Sustained

WASHINGTON DC: The US State Embassy has deliberately delayed the Immigrant H1-B Visa processing, so as to avoid the unnecessary haste in the execution process until the 1st week of April.

As per the statement of Lori Scialabba, the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (US CIS) acting director it has been cleared that the scheduled program was not called off but suspended for a short while.In order to file and manage all the 200,000 or more entries in the process of 15 days.

However, the US will be ready to accept the applications from 3rd of April for the fiscal year 2018. The other point the director has mentioned is that the visas they have applied for in April, will not be available until October.

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