Lawyer Caught in Domestic Violence on Wife and Daughter

By : 15-Dec-2016
High Court Lawyer,Domestic Violence

Vasant Kunj, Delhi: A disturbing video of a Delhi based High Court lawyer banging his wife and daughter has been submitted to the police custody. The upscale lawyer’s brutal act of assault was trapped into the video tape while he was displaying domestic violence over his wife and daughter.

Wife alleged that her husband beat her regularly since 15 years of their marriage because she didn't give birth to a son. His two daughters are studying at a private school in south Delhi often becomes the subject of the indoor wallop.

The family lives in the prime vicinity of Vasant Kunj in south Delhi.  The second daughter of the lawyer has secretly covered the anger and rage of her hyperactive father in a one minute video filmed from her mobile camera as a proof of evidence to be submitted to the local police station.

Domestic Violence in India:

Violence against women has become a prominent topic of discussion in India since the beginning.  

According to a National Family and Health Survey, Domestic Savagery includes any form of brutal act suffered by a person (majorly woman) from biological relatives (male members) of her family.

The instance of violence was reported to be lowest among Buddhist, Muslims, Christians and Jain women.

Domestic violence is recognised as a specific criminal offence by the introduction of section 498-A into the Indian Penal Code. The section deals with cruelty by husband or In laws towards a married woman.

Domestic Violence in the Eyes of Law:

Conduct that is likely to drive a woman to suicide

Conduct that cause grave injury to the life, limb of the woman

Forcing the woman or her relatives to give property or money

Coercion due to the woman or her relatives is unable to yield to their unlawful demands

The punishment for the Domestic violence is imprisonment for 3 years and a penalty

The complaint against cruelty need not necessarily be lodged by the victim herself. Any relative may file the complaint on her behalf

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